Special offers for:

painting with gel coat and epoxy paints

Yacht maintenance and repairs

Whilst your boat is out of the water we can assist with all aspects of yacht maintenance and repair:

Osmosis treatment




High pressure washing

General maintenance

Internal and external boat cleaning


Fire-extinguishing equipment maintenance

Repairing and maintaining marine engines of any kind

Electric & Electronic repairs

Stainless steel services

Carpentry services

GRP services

Sail sewing, washing, repairing, and rigging


Our yard can dry dock up to 200 boats on a long or short term basis. The maximum boat size for dry docking is 50ft but we are hoping to increase that (very soon) to allow for bigger boats.

Yachts do not like to stand still for any period of time and there is some essential preparation require if there is a period of inactivity. We can provide servicing, cleaning, etc to best prepare your boat for its time out of the water.

There are some top tips for winterising your boat on the RYA website, click here to see more.


Hauling out

Daily or weekly, for boats up to 60ft for quick maintenance or emergency repairs.



If your yacht is bigger that our yard is able to store then we can also offer all of the above at Gouvia marina.

Special prices for July & August

5% dry-dock discount when repairs bill exceeds 1000 euros

All of our staff have been with us for many years and are highly experienced, so we are able to offer expert services for all of your boating needs.